Investigative Services

SabreHawk investigators possess decades of investigative experience at the federal, state, and local level and will apply this experience to your circumstances.

Traditional & State of the Art Investigative Services

Sabrehawk delivers confidential, comprehensive, and efficient service tailored to client needs. Our licensed professionals are experienced in all phases of investigation. Sabrehawk investigators are skilled at uncovering information others do not want known and locating information (and people) others do not want found. Our investigators are comprised of former federal and state officials with significant investigative experience across a wide range of investigative specialties.

Traditional Strategies & Tactics

SabreHawk employs effective and time-tested investigative methods including interviews, canvassing, surveillance, review of open source/public records, and undercover operations to acquire essential information for our clients and attorneys. Our detail-oriented investigators possess thousands of hours of relevant training supported by decades of experience in investigations and investigative support operations within the federal, military, state, local, and private sector arenas.

21st Century Strategies & Tactics

In addition to our traditional investigative experience, SabreHawk fully exploits 21st Century technology to supplement and expand our substantial investigative capabilities. Our investigators take advantage of online open source and subscription data websites; web-based social media, Blogs, and conduct cyberspace investigations. The use of these tools, and others, provide a more comprehensive, results-driven, and higher quality service for our clients.

SabreHawk Investigative Services

  • Civil Litigation & Class Actions
  • Criminal Defense Cases
  • Background Investigations
    • Acquisitions & Mergers
    • Due Diligence
    • Individuals
    • Personnel (Employees & Staff)
    • Pre-Employment/Promotion
  • Fraud
    • Insurance
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Other
  • Missing Persons & Property
    • Minor children
    • Adults with mental/physical handicaps
  • Threat Investigations
  • Undercover Investigations
    • Traditional
    • Cyber-based

Our Clients Are:

  • Attorneys & Law Firms
  • Agricultural, Farming & Ranching Operations
  • Athletics & Sports Organizations & Facilities
  • Entertainment Organizations & Facilities
  • Gaming Enterprises
  • Federal, State & Local Governments
  • Individuals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Manufacturing Businesses & Facilities
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Religious Organizations & Facilities
    • Charities
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Property Management & Home Owners Associations
  • Retailers, Wholesaler Operations & Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Agencies (Local, State and Federal)
  • Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

Criminal Defense

SabreHawk International provides its clientele with the highest quality in investigative services and support, including Criminal Defense cases. Our investigators possess decades of experience at the federal, state, and local level and are well versed in traditional, modern, and technical investigative techniques. SabreHawk assists law firms pertaining to defense of criminal cases by:

Assisting clients in obtaining corroboration of information and explaining evidence and challenges in overcoming evidence. We will conduct a thorough review and analysis of all information available and take advantage of law enforcement, relevant court transcripts, official investigations and inquiries, statements, and depositions to save expense for our clients and to find shortcomings to explore. Our investigators serve as an economic force-multiplier for clients and their attorneys. They can quickly follow up on leads, conduct interviews, prepare detailed investigative reports, and testify at trial and other legal proceedings. Attorneys can focus on the legal defense aspects of the case while actively supported by our experienced investigators who apply both traditional and dynamic 21st Century tradecraft in the acquisition of crucial and relevant information.

Our investigators will evalutate the strength and weaknesses in the opposition’s case and obtain truthful information from the client and witnesses: When a client or witness misleads an attorney or withholds information, the attorney may then be subject to surprises, which in turn can severely hinder, or even destroy an otherwise effective legal strategy. SabreHawk professionals bring a new set of eyes, new techniques, and significant experience to each case. We are an extension of the attorney so that he or she has the ability to do more on the client’s behalf.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation:

Applying the same professional investigative skills, experience, and techniques in criminal defense, SabreHawk investigators will support civil cases, to include the most complex and challenging of class actions. Our investigators are skilled at data mining, conducting research, and analyzing information from both open source and subscription data base services. SabreHawk can support the entire range of investigations from those requiring only part-time support to a large-scale investigative operations mandating round the clock fulltime support of multiple investigators.

Background Investigations

While there are a number of low-priced web-based subscription services that a layperson can access to inquire into the backgrounds of individuals, information resulting from such checks can often be confusing and ambiguous. SabreHawk investigators have access to both open source and subscription databases and analyze the results from a perspective that includes decades of experience. Any gaps or ambiguities in the background of a subject under inquiry will be fully explored and resolved to client satisfaction. SabreHawk can conduct thorough background investigations in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Due Diligence
  • Employment Screening
    • Organization & Business
    • Domestic Help
  • Pre-employment & Promotion Screening
  • Prenuptial
  • Post-employment Screening
    • For cause
    • Random

Post-Incident Investigations

It is an unfortunate fact that the ever-increasing volume of criminal incidents combined with a significant lack of resources creates a situation where law enforcement agencies are unable to investigate every serious crime to a successful conclusion. This compels authorities to prioritize what resources to dedicate and under what conditions. While a crime against you, your family, or your organization will quite naturally be of the highest priority to you, often the law enforcement is unable to assign that same priority. SabreHawk generally does not look into cases currently or actively under investigation by law enforcement authorities. However, certain circumstances arise where our investigators can supplement official investigations with the knowledge of the police agency that holds jurisdiction. Our investigators are able to conduct certain interviews, offer rewards, conduct lengthy surveillances, and review voluminous records, including video footage where law enforcement lacks the resources to do so quickly, or at all. Additionally, we can undertake unsolved and “cold” cases on behalf of our clients, including but not limited to:

  • Homicides, assaults, attacks & other crimes against persons
  • Burglaries, thefts and other property crimes
    • Locating stolen property
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Theft of identity information 

Confidential Services

Whether conducting investigative services for your attorney on your behalf, or providing such service directly to you, we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality through Attorney-Client Privilege and as authorized by law and regulation.  Confidential and sensitive information, whether in hard copy or digital format, is secured via robust industry standards.

Additional Service Capabilities


Our investigative experience gives SabreHawk the capability to support any size operation successfully – from a case requiring a single investigator to a complex criminal defense or class action requiring many investigators in multiple locations. We take great pride in detailed reporting and provide our clients reports admissible in court.

Background Checks

We cover the entire spectrum of background checks from due diligence for business decisions, Human Resource actions regarding employment, promotion, disciplinary action, and termination, or other sensitive circumstances. Additionally, our investigators will conduct investigations involving more personal circumstances such as pre-nuptial, pre-employment for domestic help, au pairs & nannies, and others.

Missing Persons:

Among SabreHawk investigative specialists are former Senior Inspectors and Managers with the United States Marshals Service, internationally recognized for its effectiveness in tracking down fugitives from justice. SabreHawk will conduct investigations to locate missing persons including under the following circumstances:

  • Where minor children are kidnapped or go missing
  • When minor children are the victims of parental abduction
  • When an adult victim with a disability is kidnapped or goes missing
  • Where a client has been victimized and the perpetrator cannot be located by authorities