Special Services

Special Services Tailored to Client Needs

SabreHawk investigative specialists will conduct traditional undercover investigations in compliance with federal and state law. Our investigators possess extensive experience in executive protection, security sweeps for unauthorized recording or video devices, undercover operations, effective use of informants, and intelligence gathering, and will use that experience in support of our clients.

SabreHawk is also experienced with non-traditional cyber and web-based and supported operations that exploit social media sources. If your situation warrants such activity, our specialists are well versed in the conduct of these types of investigations.

Philanthropy and Pro Bono Services

Our extensive experience in tracking down fugitives and witnesses and interacting with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children make us uniquely qualified to locate missing persons.

In special circumstances, SabreHawk investigators may provide pro bono investigative assistance to law enforcement agencies and/or those seeking to locate missing children and adults with physical or mental impairments.